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Our Services

Consultation with Sleep Specialist

Your evaluation will begin with a detailed evaluation by a physician specializing in sleep medicine.  He will review your history, perform an exam, and discuss plans for further testing and treatment.  The physician will continue to follow your progress as closely as needed. 

Home Sleep Apnea Testing

In many cases, testing for sleep apnea, the most common sleep disorder, can be done using a portable device that can be taken home with you. It can be applied easily at bedtime, and returned to our Center the following day.

Sleep Laboratory Testing

Full evaluation of sleep is often best done in our specialized laboratory.  An overnight sleep study, or polysomnogram, includes monitoring of brain waves, breathing, and body movements. Responses to treatments such as CPAP can also be tested.

CPAP Equipment

Some of our patients may purchase CPAP equipment and supplies directly from our office, depending on insurance and other requirements.  We also prescribe durable medical equipment through other suppliers and work with them to get you what you need.
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